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June 04, 2007



$12,107.09? Are you kidding me? Most people these days can do it for under $1000.


another case of Mr. Kawasaki and the GIF (good idea fairy) syndrome.

To offer up a wholesale "I did it (under a perfect situation with the implied ability for me to entirely control the circumstances), why can't you", is indicative of the atypical ivy tower behavior. If Mr. Kawasaki is so all knowing, perhaps we should airdrop him into Anbar and let him solve the Mid East crisis for $12,107.09. That would be a matter to brag about.

On the flip side, I agree, asking for outrageous sums of money indicates someone who hasn't planned well. Again, creditcard vc and/or sbir is the way to go. Leaving yourself in the hands of the VC is like leaving your chickens with foxes and not expecting them to be eaten.

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