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January 28, 2008


Johan von Ulm

Fromage, you toe-sucking-apologist, will you stoop to NOTHING? Fox News is Fair and Balanced, unlike any network that employs Hard Shell Klintonites like Dan "You can't shoot snakes with both feet in a bucket" Rather?

I have to follow you all over the interweb correcting your dumbass comments in various polical blogs.

And Sco.tt: of course Ted Kennedy has had "work" done. If you had been an alcoholic Sex Addict for the last 112 years, you would avail yourself of the Best that God-Given American Medical Technology to provide, too. Nothing wrong with that, except the Sex Addict Part. Pastor Ted told me so.

Charles E. Fromage

Dick Morris is now a political consultant for that Doyen of the Black Helicopter crowd, Fox News. Note that Dick Morris has a bias against the Divine Ms Hillary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Morris

Maybe Hillary declined to suck Morris' toes as he talked with Bill?

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