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You're doing a heck of a job, Wang

It's always interesting to watch the local version of stories from China. This one just cracked me up:

TRAFFIC on the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line has "basically" returned to normal, a spokesman of the Ministry of Railways announced.

Transport capacity has been greatly restored and the railway authorities are doing their best to send hundreds of thousands of stranded travelers across the country on their way home for next week's Spring Festival, Wang Yongping, the ministry's spokesman, said last night, China News Service reported today.

That's from the Shanghai Daily.

So, normal includes as many as 800,000 people hanging around a train station?

OK, that's an easy pot shot. It's just that I can relate to a train station and bad traffic. I used to make a living off bad traffic. It's a little harder to relate to $1.4 trillion.

And yet with all that money, they can't make their trains work? Something's out of whack here. Reading Fallow's piece just makes me nervous.


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