Current Bills

Current Legislation

Here is a helpful guide to Daylight Saving Time bills in state legislatures, and in D.C.

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Federal Bills

For the new Congress that started in 2023, we’ll have to see if they can top the progress made last session.

To see what’s going on with this year’s bills, you can look below in the list of bills that are listed under “US” as the state, or you can read my in-depth look at the current status here.

Every two years all the bills that did not pass just fade away, even though their digital footprint remains. If you want to read about what happened before with the Sunshine Protetion Act in the U.S. Senate, you can see that. (I wrote about it here, here and well, a bunch of times.) I’m also working directly with the office of the sponsor, and doing some other stuff behind the scenes to help. I’ve posted information here if you’d like to help.

There was also a bill last session introduced in the U.S. House, the Daylight Act.


If you are looking for what’s going on with the changes to Summertime rules in Europe, I’m afraid I can’t be much help as it seems a bit obtuse. It had looked like there will be no more clock changing as of 2021, but the more research I did, it now looks like Europe will be stuck with Summertime/Wintertime for a while.

State Bills

The grid below shows all the bills for the 2023 legislative session.

Also, states like Florida that passed a bill in previous years will not be on that list because they already passed their bills. (See below for more on that.)

See my How To Help guide for the best ways to get involved.

Some individual states have more information below.


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Interactive map of DST bills currently in front of legislatures


Daylight Saving Time 2023


    Interactive list of bills currently in front of legislatures


    Note that what you see above is the bills active right now, and does not include bills from previous years. To see if I’ve written about your state, type it in to the search box on the right. If you want me to write about your state (or if you’d like to write about your state) just contact me.

    Both the list and the map are courtesy of the best source for
    state legislative data in the free world: Bill Track 50!

    Interactive map of progress since 2018

    States that have passed something:

    1. Massachusetts created a study commission in 2017. (The study concluded that it should move to Atlantic Time, the equivalent of Permanent DST.)
    2. California passed a voter initiative in 2018 allowing the legislature to pass something,
    3. Florida
      and then in 2019:
    4. Delaware
    5. Maine (and a study committee in 2021)
    6. Oregon
    7. Tennessee
    8. Washington
    9. also with a resolution were: Utah (which in 2020 passed a law)
    10. and Arkansas
      and in 2020:
    11. South Carolina
    12. Ohio with a resolution
    13. Georgia with a resolution, and then a law in 2021
    14. Idaho
    15. Wyoming
    16. Louisiana
      and in 2021:
    17. Mississippi, (and again in 2022)
    18. Montana
    19. Alabama
    20. Minnesota (part of the budget bill)
      and in 2022:
    21. Kentucky
    22. Colorado, finally!!!

    For more, the National Conference of State Legislatures keeps an excellent page.

    Just so it’s handy, here’s a page with all the bills from 2020.