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I have nothing bad to say...

Ahhh. Bill Clinton. Like moths to the flame we are all drawn to him.

I couldn't help myself from reading about his chat with Charlie Rose. In it he says Barack lacks experience compared to his wife. "It's not even close." He says that even though Barack is about the age Clinton was when he ran without ever serving in Washington, Barack would only be a symbol for change, not someone who would really change things.

Bill Clinton also said that Barack hasn't been fully "vetted."

(Hillary Clinton fired a volunteer for saying negative things about Barack, but I doubt Bill will get the hook because they can just redefine "negative.")

So, Barack is unexperienced, only a symbolic leader, and hasn't been fully investigated, says Bill Clinton, but then he says that he likes Barack, and all the other candidates. "I like all these people. I have nothing bad to say about him or anyone else."

I hope he never has anything bad to say about me!


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