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The Company Store stinks, and so does BackToBasicToys

Ken Jennings writes about his horrible experience with BackToBasicToys. I won't be shopping there!

Here's another: The Company Store. Never shop with them, unless you are the gambling type who likes to order stuff and then just sort of hope it comes up.


Here's what The Company Store did to us: My wife thought it would be a nice gift for our family and another family we will be visiting to have matching pajamas. She ordered them, but with no notification at all The Company Store sent just one of the PJs to each of the two families. When Kathy called they told her the all the others had been cancelled. No, they won't refund the money, no they won't send a different style.

So, now Kathy has to decide how she's going to explain to her longtime friend why she's sending PJs to her friend's husband, and nothing for her or their child.

Do not shop The Company Store!


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