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Almost feel sorry for Hillary

I posted a couple weeks ago wondering why Hillary's voice was fine when Bill's was shot. Now, Hillary's is gone, too. I couldn't find a video to embed, but this one will make you reach for your lozenges.

Of course, I'm not sure if this is from lots of speeches, or just from yelling at her husband. Bill Clinton's anger is legend, and more stories are coming out about it all the time, including new information about how Bill tackled Dick Morris and would have punched him had Hillary not intervened.

Morris said that Hillary told him that he only yells at people he loves, so using that... umm.. logic she's yelling at him even now. Or not.

Best write-up of the weekend rout of Hillary, I thought, came from Slate.

My favorite bit:

"But after South Carolina we might see Bill Clinton suddenly dispatched to solve some new crisis in a country with no satellite trucks and no cell towers."

And that was written before the news that exactly that is going to happen. Well, maybe not the other country part, but clearly he has been put in the dog house.

It was also written before the Kennedy clan decided to pile on.

And is it just me, or does it look like Teddy's had some work done?


Johan von Ulm

Fromage, you toe-sucking-apologist, will you stoop to NOTHING? Fox News is Fair and Balanced, unlike any network that employs Hard Shell Klintonites like Dan "You can't shoot snakes with both feet in a bucket" Rather?

I have to follow you all over the interweb correcting your dumbass comments in various polical blogs.

And Sco.tt: of course Ted Kennedy has had "work" done. If you had been an alcoholic Sex Addict for the last 112 years, you would avail yourself of the Best that God-Given American Medical Technology to provide, too. Nothing wrong with that, except the Sex Addict Part. Pastor Ted told me so.

Charles E. Fromage

Dick Morris is now a political consultant for that Doyen of the Black Helicopter crowd, Fox News. Note that Dick Morris has a bias against the Divine Ms Hillary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Morris

Maybe Hillary declined to suck Morris' toes as he talked with Bill?

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