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Don't call him crazy

Futzers Untie!

Reading this terrific post:

And how does one amass this information, you may ask. Well…by what I lovingly call: FUTZING.

I’m not sure if I am even using the word correctly, but what it means to me is the process by which one wanders around without aim, having conversations (with new and old friends), gathering random information, learning ostensibly useless knowledge and avoiding all tasks/duties clear and present.

I think there are Futzers all around the world, millions of them.

Few are getting paid for it, it's true, but they can and do have a lot of power taken together.

It reminds me of the line from Casablanca where the German in charge is saying to the Renault that the desert is honeycombed with traitors, and they are waiting for a leader.



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