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His voice is shot, and why?

We're getting to the point in the campaign where candidates are losing their voice.

I understand that Bill Clinton is not a candidate, but it's interesting that his voice is shot,

and Hillary sounds just fine. (This is the only video I could find from Jan. 7, 2008.)

Also, the finger that was kept under his thumb for most of his presidency is now wagging in full glory.

As for the content of what Bill is saying, I have to say that I actually find it kind of sweet from one narrow point of view: He really thinks that all of the investigations that lead to him being impeached and all the other damage he faced pale in comparison to the "blistering" attacks he and his wife are getting from another Democrat, even though the evidence of those attacks is pretty thin. What's cute is that it's about his wife, so the clear vision he has about politics, and even about himself, gets thrown out the window.

I remember reading in a book by James Carville that Bill Clinton has always had that blinder. Consultants would show him the clear proof that the audience reaction to Hillary would tank moments after she took the stage from him. He would ignore it, saying that she just had her hair done in a bad style, or something.

Politics and everything else aside, I have to say that I find that kind of sweet.

UPDATE: A friend chided me that showing that attack by Bill Clinton is unfair if I don't also include the response from Obama, which seems rather complete to me. I'm not commenting on the content, but I think it is right to have both sides, so now you have that link.


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