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The Clone Wars

The government assures us that eating meat from cloned animals is safe.

I hate to appear to be a Luddite, but I'm just going to say no to cloned meat. I'll leave it to others to make all the scientific arguments, etc. My argument is based more on the notion that is perhaps best to eat better by having a bit more connection and association with what we eat.

The argument was made very well in The Crunchy Conservative. The point that the author made in that book was that it is NOT conservative to have federal regulations built around maximizing profits of the biggest food corporations.

The downside of this, of course, is that we'll have to pay more for our food, but I suppose if we don't buy 64-ounce single-serving sodas and eat perhaps more food that we cook ourselves rather than have it cooked and frozen for us into a bland cardboard-like substance.

Cooking with Friends seems like a great idea.

There's so much to say about food, and I'll have more to say here in the future, but for now, count me out of eating cloned food, thankyouverymuch.


Charles E. Fromage

If you've eaten at Taco Bell since sometime in the late 90s, you may very well already have eaten "cloned meat":

But enough about Animal 57, and McOid... why wouldn't you eat cloned meat? I mean, twins are clones, if they're identical, right? And turkeys can reproduce parthenogenetically, so some fraction of Jennie-O is "cloned" in a sense (identical to its mother).

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