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Welcome to the TT neighborhood!

After more than a year with this domain, I finally have seen someone else using the same top-level domain, so welcome to the club, Ma.tt.

As he writes, getting Ma.tt was a kind of life-changing thing for him. I know what he means. I got it as a small gift for myself when I sold my first company. Maybe when I sell another company I'll buy an Audi (Sco)TT.

The domain is so short that it's a bit startling for a lot of people, but once people get used to it, it's cool.

My niece actually started calling me "Ska-dot-tt."

The funny thing is that Ma.tt is best known as a blog publisher, the power behind WordPress, which I loved for the late, great CreditCardVC.com. But I couldn't figure out how to make it work for a weird domain like sco.tt, so I switched over to TypePad, which I do not love. It's fine, but I loved WordPress.

So, don't be surprised if there's a switch a comin'.

One thing a commenter on his site said is that he thinks it will hurt Matt's Google rankings. It's actually helped mine, even though this blog is only in it's very early early days I'm already the top result in a search for Scott Yates. So, Google doesn't discriminate against odd domains. Nice to know.


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