Little Goebbels?
200 years hence

Starbucks Refuses to Give Coffee to People With Only One Kidney!!!!!

Remember back in those carefree days of the Internet when you would get an email from an aunt or someone warning you about the dangers of having a drink at a hotel bar because you'll wake up with a kidney missing? And you would smile knowing that it was just one of those fake things that someone writes up because they enjoy seeing things they dream up spread around the world.

Then you found Snopes, and you knew that the same Internet that brought you the hoax could also be the end of the hoax emails.

Well, what happens when the hoaxes become true?

The racket involved illegally removing kidneys from poor labourers and transplanting them to rich recipients, many of them from foreign countries, for huge sums of money.

In most cases, the victims were paid paltry sums and many did not even know that one of their kidneys had been taken away.

Around 600 kidney transplants were reportedly performed in the last nine years.

There's no mention of drinking something in a hotel bar, but still.

Maybe Mikey really did die from eating Pop Rocks and drinking a Coke!

Oh, here's the Starbuck's item, in case the headline confused you.


Johan von Ulm

This is as it should be, no?

The poor Untouchable masses exist to serve the Aristocrats in any way, no?

So here in Europe, that's the way it was:

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