Do not let history repeat
Never negotiate with terrorists, or crazy people

Keep Hope Alive!

This blog swims against the tide. I was writing about the potential assassination of Barack Obama a couple of weeks ago, and then I did again as recently as Friday morning. Later that same morning Hillary Clinton came out and made her announcement that she needs to stay in the race because we all remember Bobby Kennedy was killed in June.
Lots of people then wrote about that, though I still think I'm pretty much the only one who has written publicly that the assassination would come at the hands of the Clintons themselves.

Now that the whole world is piling on, saying Clinton should just go away, I'm going to turn and take a different tack.

Obama should make HRC his VP candidate, but not for any of the "unity" reasons that are so in vogue these days. No, he should make her the VP so that he WILL stay alive. 

You see, the number of people out there who do not want to see her as president is large, and many of them have guns. This is important, as you will soon see.

So, here's how it would work: Obama would name her VP, and tell everyone that she would advise him from a cabin in Idaho and could not leave that cabin. There she would have Secret Service protection, but she could make calls only to him. She could not call any of her old pals, any mob connections, any professional hit men, etc. Then everyone, including those who do not like her (those people with lots of guns) would do everything they could to keep Obama alive because if anything happened to him, HRC would become president as mandated by the constitution.

This is called "aligning people of different interests." Michelle Obama will have the exact same goal as every NRA member, everyone who does not want to see a Clinton back in office, etc. They will all be chanting, "Keep Hope Alive!" As long as Obama lives, Clinton never gets to leave the cabin.

There's a win-win-win.


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