Death of a President
Do not let history repeat

That's my name, don't wear it out


One of my favorite blogs is the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. They have lots of fun with a seemingly endless stream of signs with quote marks put in by people who -- in general -- think that quotes denote emphasis rather than a quotation.

The standard meme of the blog is that when a city government, for instance, puts up a sign that asks to keep the "dogs" off the grass, they are putting it in quotes because the government does not mean dogs at all.

The blog stays generally apolitical, so it's my duty to post the picture above from West Virginia. Clearly most people looking at that picture will find only clear racism accompanied -- as it so often is -- by a lack of understanding of English.

Maybe there's another explanation. Maybe he doesn't think Barack really does have the same name as the ex-despot, and he's trying to get Hillary's attention and tell her, "Hey, Hillary, do NOT become a genocidal tyrant!"

Ummmm. Maybe not.

How is it that the 20th century skipped over West Virginia?


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