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Wall St. Journal Imitates the Onion

Blond Ambition

Way back when the Clintons were still technically in the race, they tried to turn Hillary's lack of big crowds into some kind of positive. She openly mocked Obama for giving great speeches and having lots of people show up to hear them.

Even those that like McCain describe ads like this as "Childish."

The McCain campaign needs to somehow convince independent voters only vaguely paying attention that they should vote for a guy. How are they going to do that with an ad that spends about 20 seconds of a 30-second spot showing the other guy in flattering pictures with crowds chanting his name? To those just kinda-sorta paying attention, it's going to look a lot like an Obama ad.

Left Turn

Maybe Obama should just edit that ad a little and use it. It would be better than the ads he is running.

The question in this post hit me like a brick: "Close your eyes, jog your memory, and try to recall a single Obama ad from the campaign thus far. Can you do it? I can’t."

Now, before you say something about that "Yes we can" video or the "1984" spot, remember that those were not from the campaign.

Agree with Obama or not, any professional politician will tell you that Obama has run an amazing campaign, executing flawlessly on difficult operational issues like the Iowa caucus system, fundraising or the delegate rules. The advertising, however has, been a flop. All that money he's collecting is largely going to put boring, ineffective ads on the tee-vee. 

Obama is a big-government guy. I have to hope that he demands more in efficacy from government programs than he does from his advertising!