Fun we can believe in

George W. Bush, I think, probably agrees with most people on this...


The polls are clear that President Bush has very low approval ratings, down around 30 percent or something. 

To me what's important to remember there is that there are still 30 percent who support him. That is, if you go into a restaurant, just look around; if there are 100 people in the restaurant, 30 of them would tell you that they support George W. Bush.

However, if you asked those 30 people if they think he should be able to have a third term, I think then the numbers go way down.

In fact, if George W. Bush was one of those people, he himself would say that he's really ready for some time off. He'd probably like to go back to Texas, where he can wipe his nose with his hand and say, "Yo, Harper, you ever meet..." without the "Harper" being the leader of a country, and without video of that gesture making it on the news around the world.

Can't say as I blame him.