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Sarah Palin is Dan Quayle with legs

Biden our time

17269942 Drudge did me wrong. So many times I've learned things first from Drudge, and I know why he went with the story he went with, but anyway it turned out to be wrong, and that's OK with me. That guy's hair really is weird, and I'd never be able to get the IM handle BayhCurious out of my head.

Biden is a slightly better pick than Bayh, but he's so tone-deaf on racial issues. Remember, Biden came closer than any of the other candidates to calling him "boy." He didn't, but it felt awfully close to me.

And then there was this:

All of which makes me wonder if that's part of why Obama picked him. Obama wanted someone who is still essentially in the old patrician model of race relations to help assuage voters who are still stuck in the old ways of thinking about race. He brought the guy along that -- of the real contenders -- probably needs the most work on entering a post-racial world. Obama wants to use him first to get elected, and then to help bring him, and so many of those in his generation, into the new world.

I'm reading Dreams from my Father now. Obama's personal story really is remarkable, and does give me hope that we are moving into a really post-racial society, but the pick of Biden essentially to me means that election of Obama would be a big -- but not huge -- step forward.