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One of the worst parts about the loss of Tim Russert is that I just couldn't imagine someone else taking over the seat on Sunday mornings.

Well, finally I can imagine someone. Check this out:

A long time ago Bob Costas had a show on after Letterman when Letterman was after Johnny Carson, and then after Conan O'Brien. The show was SO good. He sat down and talked to one person for a half hour. It was late night, so there weren't a lot of politicians, but Costas' preparation was amazing. The people interviewed seemed just delighted by questions that they really had never heard before.

What was great about Russert, and does Costas have those traits? 

Fair? Check.

Does great research? Check.

The right combination of gravitas and lack of self-seriousness? Check.

An ability to question the Conventional Wisdom? Check.

I like the idea, so it probably won't happen. Maybe Costas couldn't take the pay cut, or maybe Sports wouldn't let him go, but he could still take the time off to work the Olympics.

Look, a guy can dream...