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Drudge Report let's me down... Again

The whole story of the Drudge Report is such a great American story. Here's a guy who was a night manager at a convenience store, and in his spare time he starts a site that is crude even by the standards of the 1990s.

And the site has a huge part to play in the impeachment of a president.

Ever since then I have gotten slightly itchy if I go more than about eight hours without checking Drudge. He just seems to have a nose for the stories that are going to have legs, and he always gets them first. I don't know how he did it so well for so long.

I love that site so much that a friend and I created the Drudge Widget, which you can see on the right side of my site if you are looking at the http and not the rss.

Earlier this year, Drudge let me down in an understandable way, getting the wrong name for Obama's VP.

Then Drudge spent a bunch of time trying to make it seem like McCain has a shot of winning, and anyone who's watched the race closely knows that just isn't true. The most reliable site for polling has had to spend a post nearly every day debunking Drudge.

Here's the problem with a huge ideological bias in breaking news: It's boring. I have to say I now go for days without reading Drudge, and then I don't find much new when I get there. Maybe it's because I'm using my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) so efficiently either on my machine or on my iPhone, but I don't think that's it.

Drudge-2009?I think it's just that Drudge has lost his edge, and seems to be flailing a bit. I'm hoping that after the election he'll get back to normal.

And maybe by next year he'll stop putting the wrong year in his title tag, and maybe he'll finally getting around to making a favicon (the little icon in the URL window of the browser). If I can make one, Drudge can certainly make one.

Come back, Drudge! We need you!