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Denver Public Schools (DPS) Calendar 2010-2011 changes... Again

OK, the DPS School Board has approved another set of changes to the calendar.

I know some of you are readers of this blog for the DPS Calendar alone. The PDF from DPS isn't very user-friendly, so now I'm in my second or maybe third year of making one that works for families using any of the digital tools.

So, the changes are here. The biggest news is that there are no more of the "Late Start" or "Early Release" days. Also the winter break grew by another day. In all, the calendar is much less confusing than it had been before, but that 4-day weekend in the middle of September will be here before you know it so make sure it's in your calendar!

Just so it's clear: This is the work of one parent only, just doing my part for the digital world. If you have any suggestions or comments or whatever, please contact me.